Awarded in” TQUK 2021 UK for Excellence Award”

🏆 Our Course Program 🏆

Prenatal and Postpartum Program

Classes include Postpartum Belly Binding, Breast and
Breastfeeding care, Pregnancy massage Holistic Pre and
postnatal care, Uterus care, Pelvic correction and
restructure, Nursery care, Postnatal care training. 
Once completed the course and examination you are
entitled an international recognition certificate for
students who would like to work in this industry and
also for people who are already in this industry who
would like to move on to the next level.   

Medical Therapy Program

All classes are instructed by our professional
doctors, lessons consist of Phlebotomist, Medical
assistant and dental assistant courses.  Contents
focus on both theoretical and practical for students
who are already in this industry and also for people
who are interested to work in this industry can learn
and gain more knowledge and technique.  Once you
pass the examination you will get an international
recognition certificate. 

Educational Trainers and Examiner 

Courses are design for students who are interested in 
teaching and training. Courses focus on practical 
and professionalism to expand their vision and to 
guide their values and ability. After completion 
and exams you will have an international recognition 


Semi-Permanent and eyelash 
therapy program

Course covers with basic foundation, knowledge and 
the latest trend, so the students can master the 
technique in short period of time and we also provide
enormous of international certificate to you to take.

Meridian Massage therapy course is a safe and effective and less invasive ancient deep massage. Using Meridian tendon and guiding qi body massage to give meridian soothing to help, especially now a day people who have sub-health problem.

Post-partum pelvic restructure and correction therapy course not only for correct and tighten your pelvic due to pregnancy or other facts. It can also improve your rectus abdominis avoid being too far apart and prevent pelvic to expand. Women who have pelvic imposition especially for the postnatal women can cause long term health issue.

Natural Caier therapy (Ear Care) is a very popular course right now.  Besides ear cleaning, you can also help to relieve pressure and stimulate ear nerves that can relax your intracranial.   For this treatment you will feel energized and relaxed and not inferior to a massage and tuina.




"Clean and spacious learning environment.
Teacher Helen was enthusiastic and patient.
She shared a lot of practical tips in 
postnatal belly binding, not even the 
skills. Pleasant learning experience in
Grandway Workshop!"


導師十分用心教導 ,除了紮肚班還有



嘅導師Ms. Helen, 令兩天全日

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最新一期 - 學校檔案 School

Grandway 與眾不同的卓越學府




甫進入學校,一座座分量十足的獎座和一張又一張的國際證書整齊排列著,無不印證著Grandway在美容教育界的專業領導地位。而就在今年7月,Grandway在全東亞及東南亞區超過250間TQUK核准中心脫穎而出,勇奪了英國資歷培訓(Training Qualifications UK, TQUK)頒發的「卓越中心獎」,成為僅5間優勝機構的其中一員,足見Grandway果真卓然不群。




Grandway International Education 富嘉國際教育 - 連續兩年獲TQUK頒發卓越中心獎




其中美容界有大家熟悉的富嘉國際教育獲獎,富嘉繼2019年連續兩度成為「卓越中心獎」得主, 證明其培訓課程十分優秀。在會議舉行前,TQUK東亞及東南亞區的骨幹要員便為富嘉國際教育頒發嘉許狀,並拍攝一段短片在會議上播放,由富嘉國際教育Director Ms. Jessica Lo親身為大家分享得獎感受。


最新一期 - 麗言有理 Life Quotes
在家就可以做到! 新手媽媽必學的嬰兒按摩技巧


為寶寶進行嬰兒按摩時必須要注意,按摩力度需要輕柔及緩慢,避免餵食後 1 小時內按摩。進行按摩時,嬰兒亦不宜太飽或太餓。保暖相當重要,若天氣寒冷時可以暖氣機,讓房間保持溫暖。媽媽指甲須要剪短,手上避免配戴手環、手錶等的硬物;長髮要束起,並記得預先洗手。按摩可同時播放柔和的輕音樂,營造放鬆的感覺。而按摩的次數及時間,建議一天 1-3次,每次不可超過15分鐘,最佳的嬰兒按摩時間應該在嬰兒 安靜清醒時,可選擇沐浴前後或入睡前進行按摩。


🌿 About Us🌿

Grandway International Education

  • We are an appointed centre by international awarding organization for training and assessment with TQUK, BHL, IAEA, SISA, GPF, IFBC, IAIM, MISA, IPEL, and GASPK.


  • Our centre has established for 7 years, our Course Director have an multi Master degree and PHD qualification and can design courses that helps the students to interact and master their skill in class.


  • Our teaching team consist of senior biomedical doctors, clinical psychiatrist, dentist, first class laboratory technician, senior Chinese medicine doctor, senior nurse, midwife and pre and post-natal therapy trainers. Each trainer has more than 10 years of experience and have education and training professional qualification.


  • Our centre already has more than 3000 students who have qualified for their international recognition certificate and we impose more student to qualify for furthermore qualification to gain higher standard of international recognition. Our intention is to provide quality of service and give confidence to our students. 


Education Centre included more than 4000 square feet|Convenient transportation

Office address:
 Rm A&B, 18/f, No.3 Tai Yau St, Maxgrand Plaza 
(Diamond Hill MTR Station Exit A2, 5 mins walk)

Internationally Recognized Courses and Register

We sincerely, thank you everyone and our students for their support. 💪✨

🎊Our centre has received this award for the second time in a row🌟💪💪 and we will continue with our hard work. 🧡

# Year 2021 TQUKExcellenceAward for Outstanding Centre🎉

🏅Award qualification: Regarding to TQUK, they have 6 assessment guidelines.  The guidelines are number of certificates issued, quality control, quality of the trainers, creative course and popularity, the level of stakeholder support and students review.

We were choosing from 250 TQUK approved centre within Asia and South-East Asia to be a Winner.👍

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