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Pure Floral Water is 100% pure products, extracted from several parts of plants such as seeds, flower, leaves, fruits, roots, stems and resin. They have natural aroma, strong volatility, can be dissolved by oil and alcohol. They can be absorbed by human's skin better than the artificial makeup products. Besides, their elements are meticulous, and the ingredients are active, so they can be more likely to penetrate deeply in to the bottom layer of skin, and transport oxygen, nutrition and moisture to cells via blood.



天然純正玫瑰花卉水 (500 mL)

100% Pure &Natural Rose Floral Water





  • 玫瑰花卉水適合中性至乾性, 成熟, 敏感以及黯沉無生氣的肌膚使用
  • Rose floral water is suitble for normal to dry, mature, sensitive, and dull skin.
  • 非常適合用於面膜,濕敷以及加入任何美容用品中, 令皮膚保濕, 有抗皺美白的功效
  • It is very suitable for facial masks, wet compresses, and add to any beauty products. Have moisturize, anti-wrinkle and whitening effect

天然純正橙花花卉水 (500 mL)

100% Pure &Natural Neroli Floral Water





  • 橙花花卉水有很好的收歛效果
  • Neroli floral water has a good astringent effect. 
  • 適合任何肌膚, 處理脆弱和敏感膚質, 特別具有美白收緊及去印功效
  • It can also deal with fragile and sensitive skin, especially for whitening, tightening, and lighten pigment effect.



天然純正薰衣草花卉水 (500 mL)

100%  Pure &Natural Lavender Floral  Water





  • 薰衣草花卉水對於受損乾燥的脆弱肌膚具有再生效果。
  • Lavender flower water has a regenerating effect on damaged, dry and fragile skin. 
  • 可用作營養水或保濕水, 可殺菌, 舒緩鎮靜, 減少發炎。
  • It can be used as nutrient water or moisturizing water to sterilize, soothe and calm down and reduce inflammation. 
  • 亦可加入在其他基底中, 如乳霜,護髮乳, 礦物泥, 面膜等來加強產品的功效。
  • It can also be added to other substrates, such as creams, hair conditioners, mineral mud, facial masks, etc. to enhance the effectiveness of the product.